Semeon is a semantic search engine empowering customer experience (CX)


Semeon extracts Customer Intelligence from millions of public sources, such as social media, blogs, news sites, as well as private information such as emails, call center, surveys and CRM.

"Semeon is the first algorithm to discern irony, allowing unparalleled sentiment + intent precision. "

It uniquely allows the extraction of full Ideas from customers, allowing brands to quickly assess customer satisfaction and send the appropriate signals within their organizations to react accordingly. Map CX evolution on a timeline and discover the main influencers and how to interact with them.

"Semeon enables its customers to do in 1 hour what they could not achieve before in weeks or months and to answer in quasi real time to their customer needs."

Semeon empowers brands to shift away from being product-centric to becoming customer-centric and design effective client experiences with actionable insights.