Unlock the impact of social intelligence, for business success


Built on 10 years of research and patented technology, Semeon is among the few that harnesses the power of semantic analysis to accurately interpret human conversations.

  • Natural Language Processing powered by multilingual Semantic analysis.
  • Filtering techniques perfected to reduce noise, weed-out spam and listen to the conversations that matter most.
  • Unique patented algorithms to measure and ingest large scale unstructured data turning it into relevant concepts.

The power of accurate measurement for multi-channel analytics

Power Listening

The science of listening to conversations not words

Powered by semantic analysis, we capture the conversations within context. Semeon invented ‘Concept Clouds’, replacing ‘word clouds’, as a richer interpretation of human conversations.

Semeon captures the most statistically relevant concepts to drive business decisions.

True to Life Sentiment

Sentiment without using semantic analysis is flawed

Semeon uses machine learning and semantic analysis to identify true-to-life Sentiment tagged to people, places, objects and brands.

Traditional tools are limited by keyword matching, fundamentally producing inaccurate results.

Data Depth & Breadth

Analyzing the right data is the key to accurate insights

We apply strict diligence on data coverage and we maintain a fine balance between data depth and breadth.

We rely on intelligent crawlers to pick statistically relevant data from a wide variety of structured and unstructured sources including: social media channels, blogs, forums, message boards, news web sites, media sharing web sites and more.

Dynamic Whiteboard

Demonstrate the real impact of social media on business

Beyond measuring and optimizing the performance of social activities, Semeon has unlocked the impact of social on business.

Our best use cases, demonstrate how advanced metrics such as “influencer maps” and “purchase intent” plug into the key metrics to increase productivity and drive business optimization.

Convert social noise into insights

While most analytics companies focus on metrics, Semeon harnesses the power of semantic analysis to identify relevant concepts in order to generate a fully automated understanding of the meaning of online human conversation.

Read our whitepaper to learn more.

What Our Customers are Saying

“The major advantages of this kind of tool is that it helps you to analyze the data and easily interpret it. The information is out there but the main benefit of the Semeon Platform is that you can gather it into one place and make sense of it.”

Sylvain Sénécal,

Marketing Professor and RBC Financial Group E-Commerce Chair, Ecoles des Hautes Etudes

Semeon and their staff have always delivered timely, accurate, cost effective, quality work to our organization.”

Guillaume Chevalier,

Head of Innovation, IFOP

Semeon has been instrumental in assisting us with providing quality analysis, reports, and customer support for our social media management services.”

Daniel Forman,

Co-Founder and CEO, Ensuite Media

  • Consumer packaged goods
    Hidden Valley
  • Agencies
    Sid Lee
  • Marketing research
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Academia
    John Molson
    HEC Montreal

Tailored access to unlock rich insights

A smart workspace: Achieve accuracy, enhance productivity

  • Cloud-based enterprise software designed to enhance productivity.
  • Operates in real-time offering seamless tracking, measurement and optimization.
  • Built to integrate and collaborate with any other platform via public API.
Semeon Insights

Available on a subscription basis through a standard web-based enterprise software (SaaS) in two separate offerings.

Semeon Listening: Harness the power of the social web by listening to the most important social channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Find the insights that matter most by using marketing tools that filter out unwanted noise so you can shape you messaging and sales conversations more effectively.

Semeon Analytics: Insightful and interactive analytics with richer data to gain a true understanding of a business on topics that matter most. Listen, monitor and analyze social conversations to increase ROI. Track sentiment, concepts, sources, geolocation and influencers to allow for faster and more intelligent business decisions.

Semeon Concierge

Custom reports generated from the Semeon Analytics Platform by our expert team. Business intelligence and actionable recommendations to provide vital information for better brand management in order to increase ROI.

Semeon Concierge delivers both advanced analytics as well as valuable business recommendations prepared by Semeon's expert team.

Whether it's ad hoc, daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly reports, Concierge is at your service.

Download example report:

Our Team

  • David Lavoie CEO
  • Alkis Papadopoullos CTO
  • Monica Revazova Controller
  • Matthias Howell R&D
  • Cecil Murphy R&D
  • Patrick Plante R&D
  • Martin Bélanger Analyst
  • Jordan Lavoie Product Marketing
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